Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that it has been 3 years and around 40k miles since you rebuilt my 1991 ECO Jetta IP and converted it into a true turbo diesel pump. I installed it at the same time that I rebuilt my engine as well. The Jetta has 205k miles on it but the engine and pump have 40k.  The performance and power that have been getting from day one is outstanding.  The only additions that I did was add a 2.5 down pipe and exhaust system. My little K14 turbo rocks and with your pump I can pass all day cruising on the interstate.  I currently get 51mpg driving back and forth to work and if I take a 70 mile trip up to Raleigh NC on I-40 I can cruise at 80mph all day long with no problems.  My mileage goes down some then to about 42mpg but hey Im not complaining. 


Again, thanks for such a great job at rebuilding my pump and putting out a rock solid product with awesome service.


Nick Mikitka

Faison, North Carolina

Performance Diesel Injection
187 Steelcase Road West, Unit 16, Markham, ON., L3R 2R9