Unique Conversions and Modifications

One of our recent performance projects has been a fuel pump for an Audi 5-cylinder Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engine imported from Europe.

The pump was converted from electronic to mechanical control, re-calibrated to an elevated level of fuelling, and tested on the engine. As received, all external timing marks on the engine were inexplicably in the wrong locations, effectively preventing proper timing. The engine was manually timed and new timing reference marks made to allow precise and accurate timing in future.

We captured the final test-run on video, with the engine suspended from an engine hoist just before being moved into the customer's trailer. It ran even more smoothly and quietly than we had expected, despite the fact that it had neither an exhaust system nor intake attached at the time. Click here to have a look at the video on YouTube.

This engine is in the process of finding its new home in a VW Transporter, in which the additional power and economy will surely be welcomed.

Performance Diesel Injection
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