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Pumps, Injectors, Turbo or Super Chargers, Fuel Additives and Performance Upgrades

Our expertise includes service, calibration and testing of a variety of Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps, Diesel Injectors, Gas Injectors and Turbo Chargers.  Aftermarket items such as the "Black Box" Pump Mounted Driver unit for the GM 6.5L are always in stock and ready to go.  We also keep injection pumps and injectors in stock for exchange to get you back on the road again with little or no down time.  Clean injectors improve starting, efficiency and emissions for your diesel car, truck or industrial application.  Our service department can help you with all your fuel system and performance needs.

We also provide custom performance modifications for your vehicle's diesel fuel injection system. This can increase performance above original manufacturer specifications, improve top-end power and speed, low end throttle response, reduce smoke, increase smoke, improve fuel efficiency, or virtually any combination of the above.  Check out our Testimonials page.

PDI also has a wide range of performance products such as: 

•  ECU upgrades and  Add-on modules
•  Turbo / Exhaust upgrades
•  Gauges / Monitors
•  Pump / Injector Upgrade or modifications
Stanadyne Lubricity Formula™ Diesel Additive
•  Stanadyne Performance Formula™ Diesel Additive
•  Hydrotex Essentialube® Fuel Additive
•  DS Pump External Mounting Systems, Heatsinks, and extension
    cable harness
•  After-market Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) “Black Boxes”
Pump-to-Engine mounting gasket and seal kits

Performance Diesel Injection
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