Taking Your Diesel Engine to the Next Level

Our business is built on providing quality service to diesel fuel injection equipment, doing testing, maintenance, repairs and rebuilds to a variety of pumps and injectors.

But one of our specialties is the area of custom performance modifications to your diesel fuel system. Since the diesel fuel pump is in fact the heart of a diesel engine, most engines are capable of significantly higher levels of performance than their fuel pumps will permit at stock settings.

With modifications to the fuel injection pump, your diesel engine's performance can be improved quite dramatically. Using a variety of techniques and processes developed through more than 20 years in the diesel fuel injection industry, Giles can increase your vehicle's demonstrated power by as much as 50%. Demonstrated increase in horsepower of over 50% are not unheard-of, but the possibilities vary with equipment and pump types.

Each performance rebuild is a custom job, with your pump's output matched to your vehicle and style of driving.

We are also able to do a variety of electronic upgrades, or other vehicle upgrades. These include performance tuned chips and boxes, air intake / charging system upgrades such as turbos, intercoolers, boost controllers, and more! Whatever performance modification or upgrade you're looking for, we can help.

Performance Diesel Injection
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